Pacers' Lance Stephenson will appeal his $5,000 flopping fine

Indiana Pacers' guard Lance Stephenson was hit with a $5,000 fine on Tuesday for a flop against the Golden State Warriors. This is not something Stephenson plans to take lying down on the ground after exaggerating minimal contact in order to earn a call from the referee. The Pacers' All-Star hopeful has reached out to his agent to ask the NBA players' union to appeal the fine.

Stephenson claims it was a slippery floor in the game against the Warriors that caused the fall and not him trying to create a foul call against Klay Thompson. He said that the slippery floor didn't allow him to hold his ground while Thompson attempted to box him out. From the Indianapolis Star:

"I don’t feel like I flopped on that possession, it was very slippery on the floor,” said Stephenson, the Pacers’ starting guard. “When I ran into him, he pushed me and I tried to catch my ground and I slipped. I would’ve held my ground if it wasn’t slippery, but it was definitely slippery, so I’m definitely going to fight for that.”

During the fourth-quarter play, Stephenson stood behind Warriors guard Klay Thompson who attempted to box him.

When Stephenson fell after slight contact, the NBA ruled it a flop — his second violation this month.

“I’m definitely going to get my money back on that. I wasn’t flopping on that. The other one was a flop, when I ran out of bounds,” Stephenson said, referring to his exaggerated fall Jan. 7 against the Toronto Raptors.

This isn't a terrible argument for Stephenson to make in defense of his appeal to the league, especially with admitting he flopped when he received his first warning earlier this month against the Raptors. His feet do seem to slip out from under him as if he were on a slick surface, but the league could still say the seemingly exaggerated contact with his upper body caused the fall.

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