Pacers reveal new uniform and court design after switch to Nike

The Pacers unveiled new uniforms and a modified court design Friday with a tweet and website dedicated to the new design. However, they only showed the new "Association" and "Icon" (Home and Away) jerseys. Every team will have four jerseys to choose from and so far Indiana has remained quiet on what those will be.

It's easy to guess that one of the alternates will be the Hickory High design that the Pacers ran with last year, but the fourth one could really be anything. As for the new design, they've put both city and nickname on the front of the jersey in a circular design, surrounding the number. While the primary color takes up the entirety of the front and back, the sides are more stylized. An interesting mix of clean and busy. However, there's just something off about the text on the front.

The new court on the other hand is a mix of minor changes and splashes of color. They've added a new secondary logo within the 3-point arc and added a solid blue with white lines surrounding the court. Fans of the minuscule all-hardwood design will be sad to see that has been replaced, but the blue works well. It's all very clean, similar to the front part of the jersey. 

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