Pacers' trouble with Heat trap allow Miami comeback in Game 3

In Game 3 between the Heat and Pacers, it wasn't exactly beautiful basketball. The idea could be that it was just bad execution, but in reality, it was extremely tough defense. Twelve turnovers for Indiana, 11 turnovers for Miami, eight in the 2nd quarter for the Pacers. But it wasn't just sloppiness. The Pacers countered the Heat's trap extremely effectively in the first quarter but in the second, it wore them down, and that's why Miami's deficit was only four at the half. 

Here you see George Hill dribbling into three defenders. Someone's going to get to his dribble. 


And the result is devastating. 

The Pacers also got caught standing with their dribble picked up, trying to find passing lanes. James doesn't intercept this, but he does force the turnover when West can't get the ball there. 

And here the trap deters Lance Stephenson and the result is that Stephenson hesitates, which makes Hibbert hesitate, and he doesn't follow to the rim. Ball goes out of bounds. 

That's how the Heat got back into the game. And avoiding those turnovers and finding ways to counter the trap is where much of this series is being decided. 

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