Pacers' Victor Oladipo says he's 'sick and tired' of comparisons to Paul George

Victor Oladipo and the Pacers are surging. Paul George and the Thunder are struggling. So of course, everybody wants to compare the two players and their teams results since they were traded for each other over the summer. While George has struggled to gain a consistent footing with Oklahoma City, Oladipo has been thriving in Indiana.

However, Oladipo doesn't enjoy the constant comparisons to him and George. He's plenty happy in Indiana and would like to move on from his time in OKC. He's sure George has done the same.

It makes sense for fans and critics to compare George and Oladipo's situations to each other. The Pacers are currently having a better season when they had lower expectations and it's way more fun watching them than it is Oklahoma City, but they're also at two completely different stages of their careers.

Oladipo is having a breakout season with the Pacers and is meeting the expectations many people set for him back when he was drafted. On the other hand, George is trying to compete for titles on a superteam. Who knows what either player would be doing in the either's situation. All they can do is play where they're at now and make the most of it. For Oladipo, he's playing really well and he's pretty happy about it.

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