Pat Riley says Chris Bosh cut off communication with the Heat

Chris Bosh failing his physical with the Miami Heat wasn't the end of this situation and the possible ugliness that could stem from it. In his latest video for the Uninterrupted series, Bosh threw out a potentially disturbing revelation that he found out about his failed physical from the media. Not a call from the Heat. Not a text from the Heat. He found out the same way we did that he wasn't cleared to play. If that's true, that's a horrendous way for the Heat organization to handle it and let him find out his career in Miami is over.

There also could be a reason he didn't find out from the Heat if that's true. What if he wasn't communicating with the Heat at all? Pat Riley says that Bosh cut off all communication from him, coach Erik Spoelstra, and owner Micky Arison. Still, you'd think the Heat could find a way to let him know before the rest of the world knows. Even if all of this is true, these are just ugly facts of an ugly situation.

Pat Riley is saying Chris Bosh brought on the silence. USATSI

Bosh also still holds strong that his career isn't over, just his career with the Heat is over. The Heat will eventually get his money off their books in February and he'll essentially be free to sign with any team. The problem is finding a team that will be willing to take on the risk of his clotting issues or playing on blood thinners, which in theory should end the clotting issues.

Of course, there's also the chance and the hope that Bosh's health will change for the better. Clotting doesn't have to be a lifelong ailment by any means, and if it does clear up and team doctors and experts can clear Bosh to return to the court, he'd then be able to resume his career. Bosh will turn 33 years old in March, however, so even if his health can return to the point that a team feels confident he's safe playing the game, he doesn't have a lot of time to get his career back on track.

He has the type of game and the intelligence to be an effective player late into his 30's if that happens. But before all of this can happen, he has to get cleared. And maybe he and the Heat will stop throwing out accusations at that point and both sides can move on. As for now, there are still a lot of contentious feelings flying around.

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