Paul George free agency: OKC Thunder, star free agent reportedly reach four-year, $137 million deal

It looks like Paul George will be returning to Oklahoma City. When the Thunder traded for George, it was to make him a one-year rental with the hope that they could convince him to stay. While the Thunder fell short of their goals for the season, they still managed to convince him to stay.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. George has committed to signing a new deal with OKC. In a major shocker, they convinced George to stay on a four-year max contract worth a reported $137 million. That's a huge win for the Thunder. It also avoids making the free agency party Russell Westbrook threw turn into something really awkward. Instead, George went to the party and told everybody that he was there to stay.

Per a later report by Wojnarowski, George has the potential to turn this into a seven-year, $290M deal if he agrees to an extension after the second year of the deal. 

George staying with the Thunder is a sign that taking a risk on a rental can work. The Thunder were not in a situation many would call good before trading for George. They had a lot of OK players surrounding one true star in Russell Westbrook. By trading for George they changed themselves from a team stuck in the mud to one that was just a few moves away from being a contender.

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Now, the Thunder need to take this signing and build off of it. Oklahoma City fell short of its expectations of being a contender last season. Injuries certainly had an impact, but the Thunder should have been better. They have George locked in. They have Westbrook. Carmelo Anthony opted in for the final year of his contract as well. Some minor changes, and continuity, could be exactly what OKC needs to break through. 

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