Fans who attended Sunday's Pelicans-Thunder game in New Orleans thought they paid to see an NBA game but, in reality, they ended up paying to see an incredible halftime show bookended by some basketball. 

That's because the true headlining event of the evening was a bunch of babies racing ("racing") across the floor at Smoothie King Center as they tried to win their parents a $250 gift card to the Pelicans pro shop. Baby races are always quite entertaining because, for the most part, babies are very cute and also very stupid. 

But this race was particularly enthralling, as it had the kind of drama and plot twists you just can't script.  

Baby No. 6 put on an absolute clinic in toying with her parents' emotions. Completing 99 percent of the race, stopping just short of the finish line, then turning around to go backwards was a ruthless display of heartlessness from that child. And doing so in order to frolic with Baby No. 5, who was in a distant second place at the time? That's cold. 

Ultimately, it was Baby No. 5 who seized the opportunity by crossing the finish line (eventually) to secure the prize for her mom and dad. It was a long, winding road to get to that point but the $250 check will cash at the pro shop all the same. 

As for Baby No. 6, well, she probably shouldn't even bother filling out a Christmas list this year.