Pelicans on facing Warriors: 'Let's go ahead and get this scrimmage'

After beating the San Antonio Spurs to clinch the eighth seed in the West, Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans have arrived.

So how did they celebrate this momentous occasion?

With some dancing of course.

Yes, that is Monty Williams showing off his dance moves. 

Williams didn't just dance, he also gave his team a moving speech that congratulated their success and also acknowledged the road ahead.

"First of all I want to to tell you guys that I love you. This is why I push. This is why we coach this way. This is why we pray. Because you never know. We didn't give up. Three weeks ago we had that conversation (points at Anthony Davis). Everybody counted us out, right? We were three games out. Look at us now. This is why you never give in. This is why we work like we work. You never give up."

After Williams was done, knowing that the Pelicans will be facing the Warriors in the first round, a voice in the background shouted out, “Let’s go ahead and get this scrimmage.”  To which Quincy Pondexter added, “Shirts and skins scrimmage,” 

This was all in reference to last week, when the Warriors called their game against New Orleans a "scrimmage." This angered the Pelicans at the time and seems to be still fueling them. Golden State said they were just joking but the comment has served as a motivation factor for the Pelicans.

New Orleans will face an uphill battle trying to beat the Warriors and will need all of the help that they can get to win. If a "scrimmage" comment helped push them into the postseason, perhaps it can actually help them in the playoffs.

Anthony Davis and the Pelicans look forward to facing the Warriors.
Anthony Davis and the Pelicans look forward to facing the Warriors. (USATSI)
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