Phil Jackson may have confused Rockets, Astros while talking Dwight

Phil Jackson thinks Howard could be better off with Astros or Rockets or whomever. (USATSI)
Phil Jackson thinks Dwight Howard could be better off with Astros or Rockets or whomever. (USATSI)

Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson still has an unofficial consultant role with the Los Angeles Lakers. Considering his fiancée Jeanie Buss is running the business side of the organization, he definitely has ties to the Lakers even when he's not coaching or consulting them. Even with a very aggressive pitch to keep Dwight Howard in Los Angeles this offseason, the Los Angeles Lakers ended up losing the free agent center to the Houston Rockets.

This isn't something that should be earth shattering to the Lakers but it definitely makes the next phase of their franchise's history a little murkier. Jackson knows that what the Lakers saw with Howard in an injury-riddled season wasn't the center's best to offer. The Hall of Fame coach knows that he'll be better off with the Rockets in Houston. Or the Astros. Whatever that team is called:

Jackson has always been a master of the verbal salvo and is so good at lobbing them at his opponents through the media. If he intentionally was able to slight the Rockets by confusing them with the worst team in baseball, he may be mastering the art of firing at people through social media as well. 

With the ties to the Lakers, Jackson certainly wouldn't be shy about starting a little something with a "typo" like Astros instead of properly calling them the Rockets. With only 140 characters at his disposal for one tweet, it certainly would have been tight by saying their proper name, but he could have made it within the limitations of tweeting. 

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