Phil Jackson says Michael Jordan would beat Kobe Bryant 1-on-1

It's been a while since Phil Jackson was asked to compare Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant

Recently on Fox Sports Live, Jackson sat down on a stool to casually discuss some one-on-one match-ups and pick the winner. He took Shaquille O'Neal over Dwight Howard, Larry Bird over Magic Johnson, and LeBron James over Kevin Durant. Then Jackson had to pick between Jordan and Bryant for a one-on-one scenario.

He took Jordan over Bryant while telling a fun story of Jackson asking MJ to talk to a young Kobe. Jordan was between retirements at the time and a brash Bryant was looking to take over games but not quite patient enough to excel at it yet. When Jordan sat down with Bryant to talk, the youngster interjected immediately and said he could kick Jordan's butt at one-on-one. 

I'm sure we'll check back in with the Hall of Fame coach again next quarter to see whom he would pick between the two players once again.

(H/T - BallIsLife)

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