PHOTO: DeAndre Jordan is Captain Planet, Blake Grifin is Bane

Clippers center DeAndre Jordan has had quite a bit of fun this summer, and documented most of it on Instagram. Over the weekend, he held his second-annual costume party, and attended as 90's cartoon superhero, the eco-friendly blue-skinned powerhouse Captain Planet. From DJ's Instagram:  

It kind of works, what with the character being eight feet tall and all. I'm kind of of the opinion Jordan should wear those eyebrows all the time. 

It is a bit hypocritical, though, considering the damage Jordan did to Brandon Knight's entire ecoystem. 

Update 10:02 a.m.: noted that Blake Griffin got in on the gig as well with this Bane outfit. 

Not really sure why he's out of something that looks like "Dune" but whatever, he's got the mask. After all, he doesn't stand on ceremony. 

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