PHOTO: Dwyane Wade and Kevin Durant throw social media barbs


Kevin Durant said James Harden should replace me in the Top 10...

Note to self*

Make him respect your place in history... again..."

Those are some pretty powerful words from Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade who clearly feels disrespected by one of his peers. According to this Instagram photo, Wade has taken exception to the praise Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant has been heaping on his former teammate and current Houston Rockets star James Harden. Back in August, Harden was named the "best guard in the league" by Durant. In a video found on CineSport, Durant discussed Sports Illustrated's Top 10 list and mentioned that he'd replace Wade's inclusion with Harden.

"I think you're missing James Harden," Durant said when asked which player was missing from the list. When he was asked who to take off to make room for Harden, he instantly answered, "Dwyane Wade."

To make a point of feeling disrespected and motivated to bounce back from a frustrating but ultimately successful 2012-13 season, Wade has made a point to make Durant recognize Wade's greatness this coming season. Clearly, Wade believes that the 2012 NBA Finals victory over the Thunder should have been enough with the "... again..." portion of his handwritten note, but Durant doesn't seem to agree.

A few minutes after Wade's post, Durant tweeted:

For those not immersed in the Twitter culture, this is known as "subtweeting." Subtweeting is when you tweet about a person without including their Twitter handle in the tweet, indirectly discussing a possible issue you have with them without making it a direct response. And Durant may have just dropped the biggest subtweet in NBA Twitter history with this one.

While Wade's team did win the 2012 title over Durant's team, Wade was good but not historically great by any means. He averaged 22.6 points, 6.0 rebounds, and 5.2 assists while shooting 43.5 percent from the field. That was his lowest percentage of any round in the playoffs but it didn't keep his team from wrapping up the Finals in five games.

The Thunder and Heat play on January 29 and February 20 of this season.

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