PHOTO: Larry Sanders apparently has a misspelled tattoo

Invention idea: Tattoo spellcheck. Somebody get on that.

Unfortunately for Larry Sanders, though, that invention would be too late.

Sanders posted the above picture on his Instagram account on Sunday, with the caption "Now just wait on it," which followed a first picture that said "Sometimes it just this simple," with a tattoo that said "Ask." 

Neat message and all. Except it's spelled "Receive," not "Recieve." I before E, and all that good stuff. 

Sanders then posted another photo with a caption that said, " Ummmmmmmmm...ain't worried bout nuthin," likely in response to all the Internet proofreaders that caught the misspelling and let him know about it. 

Good news for Sanders, though: If he wants it fixed, he's got a new $44 million that can probably get that done. 

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