PHOTO: LeBron James will wear No. 23 for the Cavaliers yet again

The last time we saw LeBron James in a Cleveland Cavaliers' uniform was 2010. He was wearing No. 23 when his Cavs lost to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

The next time we see LeBron James in a Cleveland Cavaliers uniform will be in October. He announced on his Instagram account he'll wear No. 23 once again after spending the past four years in No. 6 for the Miami Heat. He had this message on his Instagram photo:

23 it is! It's only right I go back. 2·3=6 We still family 6. #HomeTeam #StriveForGreatness

The math checks out too. I'm sure they're already available in the Cavs' team store.

CBS Sports Writer

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