PHOTO: Who's excited to be a Boston Celtic?

Police lineup or introductory press conference for the new Boston Celtics? 

This might surprise you, but this is indeed a press conference for the new era of Celtic basketball featuring Danny Ainge introducing Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks and Keith Bogans who look... um, who don't, well, look all that excited. At all.

Humphries, Brooks and Bogans don't exactly join the Celtics in the best of circumstances. They're simply bit pieces in Boston's effort to begin a serious rebuilding effort. The Celtics traded away Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to acquire the trio from the Nets, so it's kind of understandable why there might not be that much excitement.

It's a transitional phase in Boston, and the looks on these faces really kind of says exactly what kind of transition it will be. 

One, two, three, ubuntu! Right guys? Right?

Picture via @celtics
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