PHOTOS: The new Adidas DH4 from Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard's new shoes are tucan-y. (USATSI)
Dwight Howard's new shoes are toucan-y. (USATSI)

Hoop Magazine has photos of Dwight Howard's new shoe from Adidas, and they certainly are colorful.

Dwight Howard's new shoes are tucan-y. (USATSI)

You know, I had a trapper-keeper in this exact color scheme back in 1991. 

Dwight Howard's new shoes are tucan-y. (USATSI)

The tones are obviously heavy on the Rockets scheme, following Howard's decision to sign with Houston in July. The weird tiger stripes on the end are kind of confusing, but the rest of it has a very metallic edge, like if you took a car from the Fast and Furious franchise and then shoved it down into a shoe. 

Dwight Howard's new shoes are tucan-y. (USATSI)

And then there's the random blue on the back, and a reen spot on the bottom. So yeah, it's kind of like a six-year old designed a shoe and kept throwing colors on it. "And blue on top! And green right here!" 

Admission: I would totally buy these. I'm drawn to bright colors and loud noises, much like... I don't know, an animal attracted by bright colors and loud noises.

Dwight Howard's new shoes are tucan-y. (USATSI)

And then there's the very Santa Fe-ish fade towards the toe, but sure. 

Dwight Howard's new shoes are tucan-y. (USATSI)

Apparently this is his new logo, which plays on the hyper-modern approach that both Adidas and the Rockets have taken in previous years. Also, pretty excited for the sight of him wearing a pair of these with a throwback pinstripes jersey from Houston circa '99. That coud be pretty spectacular. 

From the official release on it: 

The inspiration behind the shoe is a spiral wave design that mimics the way Howard circles the paint when protecting the rim. The bright color palette of yellow, gold and blue is a way to match Howard's outgoing personality.

The D Howard can be found on Dwight's feet as he tours Asia and the shoe will be available for purchase on November 1.

via Hoop: D Howard 4 Unveiled.

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