Pistons coach Mo Cheeks says Andre Drummond will be set free this year

Andre Drummond has been freed. 

Pistons coach Lawrence Frank kept Drummond on the bench for long stretches last year, long after Drummond proved he was a promising player who needed time on a rebuilding squad. Well, Frank's gone, and new coach Mo Cheeks said Tuesday that he won't be acting quite so cautious with the explosive big man.

One of the things that angered fans last season was former coach Lawrence Frank’s limiting of rookie center Andre

Drummond’s minutes.

Cheeks said he isn’t looking to limit Drummond and expects big things in his second season.

“I’m going to put him out on the floor for sure,” Cheeks said. “I’m not looking not to play him, I’m looking to play him. He’s going to be out on the floor. There’s no other way to say it.”

via Detroit Pistons' Brandon Jennings, on run-in with rapper: Altercation, not fight | Detroit Free Press | freep.com.

Here's Drummond's per-game numbers from last season:

And here's his per-36 minutes numbers.

So yeah, I'd say 14-13 is a pretty good line that deserves some more exploring. Of course, to get there, Drummond's going to have to become a smarter defender and a better free-throw shooter. But either way, the Pistons have to find out. If Drummond takes a step forward, Josh Smith gets his head screwed on right and Brandon Jennings does what Larry Sanders suggested he won't, pass it to them, then the Pistons along with Greg Monroe can make some noise next year. 

Either way, finding out about Drummond promises to be one of the real treats of the season. 

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