Pistons' Jonas Jerebko will opt in for $4.5 million next season

Jerebko won't be passing on his player option this coming season. (USATSI)
Jonas Jerebko won't be passing on his player option this coming season. (USATSI)

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Detroit Pistons' forward Jonas Jerebko has had a tough go of it since sitting out his second season in the NBA with an Achilles' injury. After showing so much promise in his first season in 2009-10, Jerebko has struggled to show consistency on the floor or carve out a bigger role in the rotation for various coaches. But he'll still remain with the Pistons for next season despite having a player option he could choose to decline.

Jerebko told a Swedish newspaper he intends to pick up the $4.5 million player option to complete the four-year contract he signed back in 2011. With Stan Van Gundy taking over the Pistons, it has to be an attractive system and opportunity for Jerebko to make a name for himself once again. From the Detroit Free Press: 

Detroit Pistons forward Jonas Jerebko told a Swedish newspaper he would pick up the $4.5 million player option and remain with the Pistons for the final year of his contract.

“I feel like I can do much better than what I got the opportunity to show this past season,” Jerebko told Borås Tidning. “I know I can do it better than I showed last season. I expect the next will be much better.”

It's highly unlikely Jerebko wouldn't be able to make close to $4.5 million next season if he opted out of his deal and hit the open market. While it's been fairly confusing on why he hasn't continued to be a valuable role player, his last three seasons have been less than stellar. Following his intriguing rookie year, Jerebko missed the entire 2010-11 season with an Achilles' tendon injury.

That didn't stop Joe Dumars from re-signing Jerebko to a four-year, $18 million in the 2011 offseason. Jerebko has seen a decline in his minutes since the 2011-12 season and has fallen out of the rotation with a couple of coaches in Detroit. One bit of optimism regarding his career could be a possible newfound 3-point shot that would fit nicely into Van Gundy's attack. Jerebko is just a 32.8 percent shooter from downtown but he improved to 41.9 percent on 74 attempts in 2013-14.

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