Pistons' owner says Joe Dumars isn't on the hot seat

Doc Rivers challenged Chris Paul when they met. (USATSI)
Is Joe Dumars on the hot seat in Detroit? (USATSI)

Are Joe Dumars' days in charge of the Pistons numbered? Not right say, says owner Tom Gores. 

In a Q&A with the Detroit News, Gores says that while he "expects success," Dumars is safe.

Q: You mentioned Dumars. He’s in the final year of his contract, and there hasn’t been public talk of an extension. I have to ask: Is Joe on the hot seat?

A: He’s not. Joe and I collaborated on these moves, we talk every other day. He’s done everything we’ve asked, and his basketball organization is really solid. I’m excited where they’re at. I don’t think I could’ve asked for more this summer

Q: Then why no contract extension?

A: We haven’t talked about it. I really respect this about Joe — his focus is on the Pistons, on winning. He knows we have a job to do this year. The good news is, we’ve done all these move hand in hand.

Q: So Joe has not asked for clarity on his situation?

A: He has not. We’re doing our jobs. Joe also understands you have to prove it, just like I have to.

Q: Is it fair to say some jobs are on the line this year?

A: I wouldn’t say it’s fair to say that. There is a lot of good stuff we’ve done, and some things we can’t control. It’s like I tell my kids — there’s a lot of pressure, but just do your work. I do think we’ve done our work. I feel good about it.

The Pistons obviously made an attempt to become more competitive, making moves to acquire Brandon Jennings and signing Josh Smith. On paper, in an open-ended Eastern Conference, there's a good opportunity for the Pistons to make the postseason. 

But that's going to be contingent on those new pieces working out alongside the players already in place like Greg Monroe, Rodney Stuckey and Andre Drummond. While he built a championship team in the past, Dumars has a recent history of overspending on average players (like Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon, to be specific). One would think if this recent splurge fails that it might be time for a new vision, especially with a new-ish ownership group.

We'll see. 

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