For those of you who don't know, LaVar Ball fancies himself as a bit of a fortune teller. When his son Lonzo was drafted No. 2 overall by the Los Angeles Lakers in June's NBA Draft, he was the first to let everyone know that he predicted the outcome.

Now Ball is using his powers to predict that Lonzo will have a new teammate in Los Angeles next season: LeBron James. LaVar Ball joined the CBS Sports Flagrant Two podcast, where hosts Bill Reiter and Reid Forgrave asked him which NBA player would fit best alongside Lonzo.

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"What do you mean, who's the one guy!?" Ball said. "S---, everyone knows who the one guy is! That's LeBron James! That ain't no damn secret! Give me the best, the biggest, the strongest, the fastest guy in the league. I'll take him all day. I'll take him all day with Lonzo."

Well, OK then, LaVar. But there's just one problem: LeBron plays for the Cavaliers. Not for long, according to LaVar. He's convinced LeBron will join Lonzo in Los Angeles next season:

"I know it's gonna happen," Ball said. "Let's just keep it real on the business aspect. [LeBron] is one of the best players probably, over Jordan ... but the fact is he hasn't won enough. You been to the Finals too many times and haven't won enough.

"But the other thing that makes you better is if you do a three-peat and you won for three different teams. You went to Miami and won. You went to Cleveland and won. Now come to L.A. and win, and guess what? Now you're the greatest player ever if you win two or three in a row.

"And also business-wise, ain't no business opportunities in Cleveland. Cleveland's a nice place to stay if you're from there, but you wanna make some business deals and have some fun? You gotta come to L.A. or New York. And, hey, guess what? New York ain't the place to be, so bring your tail on over here to the west side, which is the best side."

Reiter then followed up with the question on everyone's mind: If LeBron comes to L.A. to join Lonzo, whose team will it be?

"Whose team is it? Man, everybody know whose team it is -- it's Lonzo Ball's team! LeBron's coming over here to join us. We ain't going over there to join him! If you come to my house, and you need somewhere to stay -- it ain't your house because you came here to stay. It's my house!"

James has the ability to opt out of his contract and become a free agent after this season, and the Lakers rumors have been flying since the end of last season. We'll see if LaVar eventually has another one of his prognostications come to fruition.

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