Popovich says Trump vs. Clinton debates are "high school crap"

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich hasn't been afraid to speak his mind about the upcoming presidential election and he shared his thoughts on where things currently stand with the third and final presidential debate scheduled for this coming Wednesday.

Following the team's practice session on Monday, Popovich made it as clear as he could that he has no intentions of tuning in to see what Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have to say to the country as he expects for this debate to be no different than what we've previously seen.

Via Tom Orsborn of the San Antonio Express-News:

The presidential debate is just reality TV fodder,” Popovich said, “and I don’t watch reality TV.”

“You can only watch so much high school crap,” Popovich said. “We already all went through that, I thought. If there was a promise (the discussion would focus on) immigration, our cities and what is going on socially and justice-wise and women’s issues, on and on and on and on…that would be great.

“But both parties don’t always come through with that kind of information for all the reasons we already know and don’t need to be hashed over. It’s just incredible we are where we are.”

We'll see whether or not the Republican and Democratic candidates prove Popovich right or wrong with the topics that they take on during Wednesday's debate.

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