Raptors' Amir Johnson has his own face on his game shoes

Amir Johnson's face is everywhere these days. (Instagram)

Those are Amir Johnson's shoes. He wore them in the Toronto Raptors' season opener against the Indiana Pacers.

I once bought a pair of Air Force One: Sheed Edition shoes. It had a logo of his near the back of the shoe and it was him shooting a fadeaway jumper. The fact that it was a Rasheed Wallace shoe and a logo of someone shooting a fadeaway made me want to get them immediately. I didn't even know they made them at the time, so when I came across them in a store, I was pleasantly surprised.

If it had his face on the front of the shoe, smiling or appearing to be screaming something then I probably would have paid double for them. I still own these shoes today and wear them occasionally. It's usually when I'm in a really good mood and feeling like being boisterous. 

I imagine some day, somebody will come across these in a store somewhere and be surprised they even released a few pairs for purchase. They'll buy them right away and be proud to sport Johnson's face on the front of their shoes as they walk around, hacking people on the forearm and pushing them when it looks like they'll go up for a rebound.

(Via TBJ)

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