Raptors GM Masai Ujiri reportedly being investigated for altercation with policeman following Game 6

Just hours after the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA title in franchise history, president of basketball operations and general manager Masai Ujiri may be dealing with some legal trouble.

Following Toronto's 114-110 win over the Golden State Warriors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, Ujiri was attempting to get onto the court to celebrate with his team and reportedly refused to show a Alameda County sheriff's deputy his credential. When the deputy wouldn't immediately let Ujiri on the floor, a police spokesman said the Raptors executive shoved the deputy and hit him in the jaw.

As you can see from the above video of the incident, Ujiri is being held back following the altercation, but eventually makes it onto the court and walks away with Kyle Lowry. However, the altercation itself isn't seen in the video.

"(The deputy) did not know who the man was and asked for the credential, and that's when he tried to push past our deputy, and our deputy pushed him back, and there was another push that kind of moved up and struck our deputy in the face," Alameda County Sheriff's Office spokesman Ray Kelly said, per the San Francisco Chronicle. "At that point, several bystanders intervened and the executive did ultimately get back onto the court without displaying credentials."

Kelly would not confirm the identity of the Raptors exec. The sheriff's deputy wasn't aware that Ujiri was a Raptors executive, but Ujiri apparently failed to show the proper credentials in order to gain access to the court. Ujiri is not under arrest at this time, but the matter is being investigated 

"It's not like we were going to chase him down," Kelly added. "He had a right to be there, but he didn't follow the credential policy."

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