Raptors submitting applications for new branding and colors

If Stoudemire can get back his elevation, Hakeem can help him reach potential. (USATSI)
The Raptors are staying the Raptors. (USATSI)
When the NBA expanded to Toronto in 1993, they franchise considered names like the Huskies, the Terriers, the Dragons, the Beavers, and the Hogs. They even considered T-Rex for a nickname. Seriously

But fueled by the popularity of the movie Jurassic Park and the idea that kids like dinosaurs, they decided to go with Raptors. A bold, kind of weird choice. After 20 years of existence, the name has become more acceptable because we're used to it. Still, it's kind of weird. 

So when the Raptors changed over their ownership and front office, there was a feeling they might consider a new name, much in the same way the Pelicans did. 

At a press conference Monday announcing the 2016 All-Star Game coming to Toronto, chairman Tim Leiweke said the team would not be changing its name, though. They would, however, be submitting an application to the league to change their colors and logos. Leiweke said he was in favor of changing the name, but was outvoted. 

So it's staying as Raptors. Hey, at least it means they can't change it to the Toronto T-Rex, right?

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