Rashad McCants plans to wear Lonzo Ball's Big Baller Brand shoes in BIG3 League

LaVar Ball has taken plenty of grief since his son Lonzo's first signature shoe, the $495 ZO2, was released under the Big Baller Brand, as critics panned them as too expensive and too similar to Kobe Bryant's shoe. 

He did, however, get a few celebrity buyers, as Chad Ochocinco and Michael Bennet bought some pairs. And now, Rashad McCants has said that he will be wearing the ZO2s during the BIG3 League, Ice Cube's 3-on-3 league, featuring retired NBA players.

McCants was on the BIG3 Show when he said that he would be rocking the shoes, in part because he appreciates LaVar Ball's entreprenurship. 

"Sometimes it rubs people the wrong way when you come out as strong as LaVar did, as convicted as he was and passionate, it rubs people the wrong way. And I salute him, and I'm going to be wearing those ZO2's when BIG3 starts and I'm going to be supporting him full strength."

"I believe in entrepreneurship, I believe in breaking the mold, I believe in challenging the status quo and I think that that's what he's doing. He's opening up a whole new lane for everyone to really realize that you can do your own thing. You don't have to go sign with Nike. You don't have to go sign with under Armour. You can build your own shoe and wear your own shoe."

The only problem for McCants, is that as of last week, the shoes still weren't ready, which is why Lonzo didn't wear them during his workout with the Lakers, and the BIG3 is scheduled to begin on June 25.

So we'll see what happens there, but it's likely that McCants does not have ZO2s on his feet for opening day. At the very least, however, it's some rare positive news for LaVar Ball. 

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