Ray Allen says he holds no 'ill will' toward former Celtics teammates

Ray Allen and his breakup with the Celtics might finally be reaching a happy ending. Paul Pierce recently said on Instagram how he wants to bury the hatchet with Allen and their former Celtics teammates. While no public comments have been made from Kevin Garnett or Rajon Rondo, Allen appears ready to take his part in ending the feud.

In an interview with ESPN, Allen said that he holds "no ill will" toward his former Celtics teammates. He appreciates the time they spent together and the championship they won. To him it was like a family and he wants that feeling back. However, he did make sure to mention he's never publicly criticized his former teammates the way they have about him.

"That's a conversation that has to be had with Paul, because if you remember I haven't said anything negative about those guys ... I don't have any ill will. When I left, I was a free agent."

Allen was a crucial part of the 2008 Celtics team that won a championship and a serious argument can be made that injuries kept them away from another title or two. However, he left for the Heat and joined LeBron James in what has so far ruined his relationship with Pierce, Garnett, and Rondo. It would be great if the former superteam could put everything behind them and focus on the good times they had.

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