Watch Now: Kanell and Bell: Dwyane Wade shines in final home game (1:52)

Dwyane Wade's legendary career with the Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers came to a close at the end of this season with his retirement. Without offseason training and rehab to attend to, Wade is free to enjoy life and explore some of the more 'regular people' things he missed out on during his playing days. 

According to his wife, Gabrielle Union-Wade, that includes trips to clothing stores and going through the car wash, both of which Wade enjoyed. Union made an appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, during which she explained Wade's wonder with seemingly normal activities. The highlight of her story, though, was explaining that Wade apparently has no idea how much milk costs. 

Union on Wade's milk cost theory:

"He has no idea how much milk costs. He's like, 'What is that, about 20 dollars?' I'm like, 'What kind of goat's blood milk are you drinking?' No! It's... like what?"

Who knew that Dwyane Wade has been the NBA's Lucille Bluth all along?

The good news for Wade is that with the $196,388,473 he's made in his career, he should have no trouble buying whatever kind of milk he wants -- even if it does cost $20 a gallon.