Report: Andrew Bynum not interested in playing for Team USA

Andrew Bynum is not going to help his public image with a report from someone close to him in the Los Angeles Times. The report discusses the possibility of Bynum playing for Team USA this summer given the injury to Dwight Howard. Bynum says "thanks... but no thanks." From the Times

Lakers center Andrew Bynum is not interested in playing in the Olympics this summer, according to a person familiar with the situation.

Bynum, 24, wants to rest during the off-season and prevent further wear and tear on his knees, which have each undergone surgical procedures in recent years.

"It's definitely something that's a great honor to do and all that, but for me right now, the health of my knees and stuff like that -- I don't know if long summers are the best thing for me," he said in January.

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Bynum's got a point there, as the biggest concern about him has been his health. And that's considering his penchant for petulant and immature behavior. He's had multiple knee surgeries and those don't need extra miles. 

It is disappointing, though, as it provides an opportunity for Bynum to show he has a dedication to something bigger than himself and he has a sense of priorities. But if he's injured, he's no help to his team, his family, or himself. It's understandable why he's giving the Olympics a pass. 

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