Report: Andrew Bynum wants more than the minimum, market waning

Is this guy worth more than the minimum? (USATSI)
Is this guy worth more than the minimum? (Twitter)

ESPN reports that the market for Andrew Bynum has been waning since the former Cav was traded to Chicago and the waived. In part, the problems include the fact that Bynum wants more than the minimum for his services. 

Sources told on Sunday that the Los Angeles Clippers, long presumed to be one of Bynum's primary suitors, are leaning against the prospect of signing the enigmatic former Los Angeles Laker. reported Thursday that the Brooklyn Nets (after losing Brook Lopez) and Atlanta Hawks (after losing Al Horford) were likewise planning to pass on the idea despite their clear need at center, with sources subsequently adding that the Oklahoma City Thunder are not preparing a bid on Bynum in the wake of the recent trade that shed the contract of Ryan Gomes to take the Thunder nearly $2.3 million away from the luxury-tax threshold.

Teams with a known interest, sources said, include Dallas and New York, but both of those suitors, like the Clippers, are restricted to offering a minimum salary. Bynum, meanwhile, is said to be looking for an offer above the league minimum to recoup more of the $6 million he lost when Chicago waived Bynum immediately Tuesday after acquiring him in a trade for Luol Deng.

via Race to sign Andrew Bynum starts slow - Marc Stein Blog - ESPN.

You have to admire the moxy of Bynum. He misses an entire year in Philadelphia, who had built their entire team around him, missing a season in part due to an injury suffered while bowling. Then is suspended for conduct detrimental after only being able to play limited minutes because of his knee, then traded and waived... and now wants more money. 


Will a team talk themselves into Bynum just as Philadelphia and Cleveland did? Will Bynum try harder than he did in Cleveland, Washington, or LA? Is there any reason to give him more than the minimum? It's hard to believe but stranger things have happened. 

Meanwhile, the report also says Miami's the frontrunner for his services. If they can make Michael Beasley into a productive member of basketball society, they can do anything. But is there room on the roster for Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum? 

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