Report: Brandon Jennings got slapped at the Drew League

Walk it off, Brandon Jennings.   (USATSI)
Walk it off, Brandon Jennings. (USATSI)

LA Magazine was at the Drew League Monday night when Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings had himself an incident. 

That would be former D-League-Player-Turned-NBA-Draft-Pick Mike Taylor, so it's not like Brandon got slapped by an All-NBA veteran. You could argue that he actually probably needs a slap to his face to get his attention and take better shots, but probably not from Mike Taylor. 

What's the exponent degree from this to "Jordan Crawford dunks on LeBron James" in the "stuff that happens in the offseason that become legend" scale? 10? 20? 100? 

Let's just be glad the situation didn't escalate without the NBA's usual legion of security in place. 

HT: Complex

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