Report: Bucks ownership sorry for botching Drew firing, Kidd hiring

Marc Lasry's pitch to Jason Kidd may have been a bit low.    (USATSI)
Marc Lasry's handling of Larry Drew's firing may have been low. (USATSI)

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USA Today reports that as the fallout starts to settle from Jason Kidd's failed power play with the Nets which turned into a stronger position within the Milwaukee Bucks organization, Bucks ownership, in particular Marc Lasry has come to understand how badly they handled the situation. 

So how did they botch it? From's Gregg Doyel:

A few days later Lasry was interviewing the coach of the Brooklyn Nets about coaching the Bucks. Never told current Bucks coach Larry Drew what he was doing. Never let GM John Hammond know what the plan is. A couple of days after that, the Bucks have a new coach.

That's how it is with guys like Lasry: You can give 'em all the advice in the world, but they won't listen. They're the smartest guy in the room, and here's the thing about that:

You're not.

via Kidd deal shows Bucks' Lasry as worst kind of owner -- the meddling kind -

What's odd in all of this is that you can make an argument fairly easily that Larry Drew should have been fired anyway. Yes, the Bucks were a mess roster-wise and yes, injuries played a part. But Drew wasn't a developmental coach. He was brought in to win now, and the team not only didn't win, but it lost the most of any team in the league. 

But that doesn't excuse how this move looks. 

Maybe no one summed up how badly this ended for Kidd than's Ken Berger;

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