Report: Carmelo Anthony pursues Garnett in locker room after loss

Following a Knicks home loss to the Celtics that saw Carmelo Anthony go 6-for-25 from the field and become involved in an on-court scuffle with Kevin Garnett that earned both players technicals, Anthony was not through after the buzzer. After the game, Anthony pursued his beef to the locker room. From Newsday

MSG Network reported that Anthony was outside the Celtics locker room after the game and had to be restrained by security and some teammates. Mike Woodson wouldnt comment on the report, although he did say: "As the game wore on, we just let things get to us a little bit. We cant let that happen."

Anthony, who left without speaking to the media, was hot in the fourth, and not in a good way. He continued to play physically and jaw with Garnett. Said Woodson, "Im going to defend Melo, our player and our team. In the heat of the battle, you got to hang in there and you got to keep playing."

via Celtics get under Carmelo Anthonys skin, beat Knicks.

The New York Daily News reported that Anthony was waiting for Garnett at his bus. This was in addition to the locker room incident. The Daily News also reported that Woodson restrained Anthony and kept him from Garnett, who wanted no part of it and got on the bus. 

Here's video of an altercation between the two that netted each a technical. 

And here's a GIF of the post play that started it. You'll see Garnett aim high with an elbow after Melo's physical front. When Garnett turns, Melo slams an elbow into his back. 

You can imagine Anthony will face disciplinary action for the incident, even though police, teammates and Woodson prevented any confrontation.

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