Report: Cavaliers acquire smaller contracts; pursuing Love?

Kevin Love could be traded for who?  (USATSI)
Kevin Love could be traded for who? (USATSI)

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Yahoo Sports reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers have made a multi-player trade that on the surface, seems mostly inconsequential but in reality, signals a move in pursuit of a trade for Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love

For Utah, Carrick has shown quite a bit of talent in his first year in the league. He's got good work ethic, some athleticism, and is a quality perimeter defender. 

But of course, the much bigger part of this deal is that Cleveland has acquired three non-guaranteed contracts. You know, the kind that was reported earlier Tuesday that the Cavs were specifically pursuing to try and land Love. But of course, Cleveland doesn't want to promote the idea that this is in advance of a deal, so they're going to spread the idea that this was just a deal to help facilitate other deals. You know, like this: 

"No, this has nothing to do with what it obviously has everything to do with." It's true that the Cavaliers can use these pieces in other deals. But the goal is Love. What does Minnesota want with those contracts? They can send out the salary of J.J. Barea and Kevin Martin potentially in the same deal and then waive those contracts they got back. That helps not so much in free agency, but lowering salary costs and allowing them to take on expiring deals for other teams to get draft picks along with them, much the same way Utah did with Golden State last summer. 

Meanwhile, Cleveland is still trying to sign Andrew Wiggins, at which point a deal can't be formally completed for the No. 1 pick for 30 days. But the Cavaliers are clearly trying to maneuver themselves into pole position for Love. Whatever misgivings they have about trading Wiggins, they're clearly moving past them.

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