The Cavaliers have enough team problems between Kevin Love's approach, LeBron James' various frustrations, Kyrie Irving's alleged frustrations, and disappointing losses despite a lofty record. Now,'s Chris Haynes has reported on the Dan Patrick Show that the team was angry the front office ... let Kendrick Perkins go? 


Yes, really: 

Transcript from ProBasketballTalk: 

"They were highly pissed. I knew this for a fact. They were highly ticked off, this team, when the team didn’t re-sign Kendrick Perkins and they ended up picking up over the summer Sasha Kaun -- a 29-, 30-year-old rookie who has not really played at all and I don’t really think is ready for the NBA.
So, he’s collecting about $2 million right now a season and not even playing. Kendrick Perkins would’ve been brought back for the veteran’s minimum.
Players – I know for a fact, I talked to them – they were highly ticked off about that, not bringing him back. Because it wasn’t about his numbers. It was about the intangibles, the emotional leadership and the enforcer, the enforcement role he brought to the team."

Source: Report: Cavaliers players were ‘highly pissed’ team didn’t re-sign Kendrick Perkins – ProBasketballTalk

LeBron James mentioned the enforcer angle Thursday at practice. If you'll remember, James was similarly reportedly upset with Mickey Arison in Miami for not re-signing Mike Miller. James likes proven vet guys in the locker room, and the team's mental focus and identity has been a huge part of James' criticisms about the team. Perkins was a nonfactor on the floor but during the NBA Finals you would still see Miller and Perkins staying late to practice. They're consummate pros, and that matters. 

By the way, those "numbers" say that the Cavaliers were 26.4 points worse per 100 possessions with Perkins on the floor last season. 

Still, it just seems like another thing the Cavaliers are complaining about instead of rallying to find a solution. The roster isn't going to be just the way you want it. The lineups aren't going to be just the way you want it. At some point you have to make the game plan work, and the Cavaliers still seem resistant to that. 

The Cavaliers apparently miss Kendrick Perkins.  (USATSI)
The Cavaliers apparently miss Kendrick Perkins. (USATSI)