Report: Charles Oakley files civil suit against Dolan, Madison Square Garden

Charles Oakley and the New York Knicks were involved in one of the uglier incidents last season when Oakley was forcibly removed from Madison Square Garden. It was all caught on national TV as security forcibly removed Oakley and then arrested him. MSG later pressed charges against him. The two sides reached an agreement that led to Oakley receiving five misdemeanor charges for the incident.

However, that won't be the end of this incident. Oakley has filed a civil suit against Dolan and Madison Square Garden Company. 

Initial reports came late Monday night that Oakley was planning to file a suit, but it wasn't clear exactly who it would be against, and what the complaint would allege. 

On Tuesday morning, however, the full nature of Oakley's suit became clear. Via ESPN:

Charles Oakley's civil suit against James Dolan, the MSG Co. & MSG Sports & Entertainment includes several causes of action, including libel and slander. Others causes of action in the suit include assault, battery, false imprisonment and abuse of process. The suit requests an award of damages to be determined at trial by a jury to compensate for Oakley's emotional distress and/or mental anguish and reasonable attorneys' fees and costs.

The MSG Company later released a statement on Oakley's Civl Suit against the company.

This is a frivolous lawsuit and nothing more than another attempt by Mr. Oakley to garner attention. We will deal with this accordingly.  

After the ejection, Dolan briefly banned Oakley from MSG before reaching an agreement that he could return if he didn't trespass on MSG property for a year. The two sides have never had a good relationship with Oakley once calling Dolan a "bad guy" and frequently criticizing the organization. 

With the two sides going to a civil suit, expect this situation to get even uglier. Oakley has held firm in his desire to settle this in court and now he'll get his wish.

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