Chris Paul has been on many good teams and consistently been one of the NBA's best point guards on a yearly basis, but he has never been able to reach the conference finals. His ability to micromanage a game and run the offense is second to none. Yet, he hasn't been able to find the next level of success that he's looking for.

With the Clippers potentially on the verge of being blown up, Paul may decide that some new scenery is necessary to reach his goals. He hasn't decided if he's going to leave the Clippers yet, but if he does the Spurs are reportedly on his radar.

The Clippers are still the favorites to re-sign Paul. They can offer him the most money and right now the Spurs don't have the cap space to get him. However, if San Antonio is able to clear out the space and Paul is interested then he could very well choose to leave. 

Right now every indication is that Paul is merely considering the Spurs. There's still no guarantee that he leaves Los Angeles, but the fact that rumors are coming up at all means it's something to be taken seriously. The Clippers need to nail their free agency period and create a roster that Paul believes can win. If they don't, then this could be the end of the Paul era in Los Angeles.