Report: Clippers and Warriors will play each other on Christmas Day

We may be capping off Christmas Day with Curry and Paul. (USATSI)
We may be capping off Christmas Day with Stephen Curry and Chris Paul. (USATSI)

The NBA's first big day of the season doesn't seem to really come until we hit Christmas Day. Even with the hype around opening night, ring ceremonies, rookie debuts (most years, probably not this one), and the chance to see fresh faces in new uniforms, the start of the season isn't something the casual fan often anticipates. When Thanksgiving comes around, a lot of sports fans are focused on the NFL.

However, when Christmas Day hits, a lot of casual fans take notice of the spotlight the NBA has managed to brighten for itself. David Stern and the league's front office has managed to carve out that holiday as a star-studded affair with top matchups and a concentrated focus on the league's best and most exciting players. There are now typically five games on Christmas and Dan Woike of the Orange County Register is reporting we'll be treated to the Los Angeles Clippers facing the Golden State Warriors this Christmas.

We've already had a report of the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers unwrapping a gift for us on that day and hopefully providing us with a very exciting game. If we do in fact get the Clippers and Warriors squaring off that day, it will most likely be the nightcap game (with both teams being on the West Coast) and a perfect way to end the holiday viewing schedule. We'll get Stephen Curry and Chris Paul putting on stellar displays of their own skill sets, Blake Griffin pretending there's a mistletoe above the rim, and maybe even Jamal Crawford and his incredible handle giving us all one more present to enjoy.

(H/T - ProBasketballTalk)

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