Report: Clippers contacted free agent guard O.J. Mayo

The Clippers reportedly want O.J. Mayo.    (USATSI)
The Clippers reportedly want O.J. Mayo. (USATSI)

The Clippers have been angling for a wing upgrade for weeks. They know Chauncey Billups is past his expiration date, Caron Butler is limited at this point, and Willie Green has his ceiling. They want a young shooter to combine with Jamal Crawford alongside Chris Paul.

After talks fell apart with Orlando regarding a possible move to trade Eric Bledsoe for Arron Afflalo, Yahoo Sports and USA Today report that the Clippers opened free agency Sunday night by reaching out to Dallas free agent guard O.J. Mayo

USA Today also reports that with salary cap restrictions, the Clippers could be angling for a sign-and-trade deal for Mayo involving Bledsoe, which would suit both teams. It would give the Clippers the wing they've been looking for and the Mavericks a new point guard for Rick Carlisle to destroy the soul of develop. 

But is Mayo enough of an upgrade? He struggled last season with consistency and effort under Rick Carlisle, the second coach he's disappointed -- and in a contract year to boot. Mayo was fantastic offensively to start the year but fell off with injury and the return of Dirk Nowitzki. Can he really be just a cog in the machine, or will he always need a bigger role beyond his talent? 

Meanwhile, you'd have to think the Clippers would need more in return for Bledsoe than Mayo, but it's not clear what the Mavericks could provide. They're pretty short on assets as they cleared space for a run at Dwight Howard. 

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