Report: Clippers near agreement to sign Byron Mullens

Yahoo Sports reports that the Clippers are "nearing an agreement" with free-agent center Byron Mullens on a two-year deal. 

Mullens started 41 games for the Bobcats last year, averaging 11 points and six rebounds per game with a 12.3 PER. He goes from a part-time starter with the Bobcats to being the end-of-the-bench big for the Clippers, which says a lot about both organizations. It's actually a smart move by the Clippers, who need another big badly, and Mullens has height and a little bit of skill. He's undeniably an upgrade over Ronny Turiaf, who departed in free agency.

The move also likely paves the way for the Lakers to sign Lamar Odom. Both LA teams had been talking to Odom and Mullens. 

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