Report: Clippers waiting on Odom before offering Jamison

Antawn Jamison's future with the Clippers is being held by Lamar Odom

The Clippers and Jamison reportedly have mutual interest, except the Clippers are first waiting to see if Odom will accept an offer. Which of course means if he does, Jamison is back on the market. 

The Los Angeles Times has details:

Clippers informed former Laker Antawn Jamison team waiting on answer from Lamar Odom as preferred option before Jamison, sources.

Clippers willing to offer Lamar Odom vet. mim. of $1.4 million. Odom would like more, but no team has offered LO anything more.

Odom's last journey outside of L.A. was a complete disaster as he ended up being cut by the Mavericks mid-season. So it's likely either their offer, or nothing. 

But for Jamison, he's the Clippers' second choice. Per Yahoo Sports, Jamison was apparently led to believe he'd have an offer from them before being informed they preferred Odom. 

Odom certainly makes more sense for the Clippers, especially if he's in shape and ready, as his versatility gives them lineup options and a different looks. Jamison is a nice stretch 4, but doesn't add a whole lot to an already deep Clipper bench. 

But it's obviously going to be up to Odom. He reportedly had a sniff of interest from the Lakers that fizzled and unless he wants to become a full-time candy eater, it might just be this offer or nothing. 

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