Report: Danilo Gallinari fractures hand after throwing a punch during Italy game

Danilo Gallinari was a big get for the Clippers this offseason. Los Angeles has been in the process of an overhaul since the departure of Chris Paul and Gallinari was supposed to be a pivotal part of that. However, he may have put himself and the Clippers in danger during an international friendly.

Gallinari plays for Italy's international team and they're currently preparing for Eurobasket. During a friendly Gallinari got into a fight with another player and threw a punch. The punch sent Gallinari to a hospital to have his hand examined. It was later reported that his hand had been fractured.

Here is a look at the incident:

Gallinari's hand fracture will force him to miss the rest of Eurobasket. There's no telling how long an injury like this could take, but it could very likely leave an impact on the beginning of the NBA season in October. 

Gallinari has always been involved with his international team and injuries are a risk that players take. However, Gallinari getting an injury from punching another player is not something the Clippers want to see from their newest player -- especially after dealing with Blake Griffin punching an equipment manager in 2016. They'll just have to hope he makes a full recovery come October.

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