Report: Deron Williams 'leaning' towards re-signing with the Nets

Step one, move to Brooklyn. Check. Step two? Re-sign Deron Williams. Not checked.

That's basically the offseason itinerary for the Nets and while one hurdle has been jumped as the team has successfully completed its transition across the bridge, re-signing Williams can't happen for another couple months.

But the Nets are feeling good about it. Especially since Williams is "leaning" towards re-signing with the Nets, according to the New York Daily News:

From everything I've been hearing, Deron Williams is leaning toward re-signing with the Nets. There's still a lot that can happen, though ... There's still the playoffs, draft lottery, draft and the decisions of other free agents.
That last part is key, because Williams surely isn't going to suffer through another lame duck lottery season. Doesn't matter how cool the new jerseys or logo are, Williams wants to win. He's been on two bad teams thus far with the Nets and has had the promise of improvement. Hasn't happened yet as the Nets whiffed on Dwight Howard at the deadline this season and haven't done much to improve anywhere else.

Granted, Brook Lopez was injured all season so that was a setback, but still, that roster's a mess.

Williams is going to be maybe the top free agent this offseason with Howard waiving his early termination option and with teams positioning for him, including his hometown Mavericks, he's going to have to make some decisions. He might be leaning Brooklyn right now, but we'll see what happens when it's time to make the call.
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