Report: Dwyane Wade's new deal with the Heat has no-trade clause

Wade can't be traded unless he wants to be.
Dwyane Wade can't be traded unless he wants to be. (USATSI)

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The Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade are committed to each other. Wade has been there since Day 1 after being selected with the fifth pick by the Heat in 2003, has won three championships with them, and has twice re-signed with the franchise when he's been a free agent. It's likely he'll be a Heat player for life and probably end up in a similar position that Alonzo Mourning is in with the organization when his playing career is over. He's certainly not going anywhere in the next two years unless he wants to go.

Marc Stein of tells us Wade's two-year deal for $34 million includes a no-trade clause in it. He's the sixth player in the NBA to have a no-trade clause, joining Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki, Kevin Garnett, and the recently added Carmelo Anthony

A no-trade clause isn't something that just anybody can get in their contract through negotiations. You have to fit a certain criteria other than just whether or not you want control over that aspect of your deal. You have to be in the NBA for at least eight years and have played for the team you're signing the contract with for at least four seasons. If you've played part of a season with the team (like Carmelo Anthony who has played 3.5 seasons), they round up your tenure. You also have to be a free agent when you sign the deal. You can't include no-trade clauses in extensions, unless you've previously had one in your contract.

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