At the NBA trade deadline, the Atlanta Hawks were mentioned in multiple trade rumors, involving everyone from Al Horford to Kyle Korver to starting point guard Jeff Teague. If you started for Atlanta, you were reportedly on the table. In the end, the Hawks stuck with their team, finished strong, and made the second round, but were swept again by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Now Yahoo Sports reports that those trade talks could be revitalized this offseason, with the Philadelphia 76ers involved in discussions that would send Nerlens Noel to Atlanta in exchange for Jeff Teague.

Quick thoughts:

  • The first question is "What did Jeff Teague do to make the Basketball Gods hate him?" Being sentenced to the Sixers after being with the Hawks is a cruel, cruel twist of fate.
  • This would seem to indicate that Atlanta is very much back on the Dennis Schröder wagon, looking to make him a full-time starter and give him starter money to go along with it, next summer.
  • The next big question is what this has to do with free agent center Al Horford. Are the Hawks making plans in the event that Horford leaves in free agency? Have they been informed of that? Or are they adding a rim protector for cheap?
  • What about Tiago Splitter? Splitter missed most of the year with injury, but his skillset essentially duplicates Noel's, only Splitter is better and more seasoned.
  • The Sixers are officially ending the process, moving away from the young core that they have with this move.
  • Philadelphia did definitely need a quality point guard. Their mismatched pieces actually have some talent stuck in there, but they didn't have a point guard who could actually make any of it make sense or come together. Teague gives them that, an All-Star caliber starting point guard in his prime.
  • That word "package" is key there. More players wold be involved.

This would be a major move for both franchises, with unforeseen implications. We'll keep you updated on how it shakes out.

Nerlens Noel could be moved for Jeff Teague. USATSI