Chris Bosh hasn't played basketball since the 2015-16 season, when his year was cut short due to blood clots. He had to sit out the entirety of the most recent season and has not had the best relationship with the Heat because of it.

Due to the blood clots, Heat doctors have refused to clear Bosh to play, and they believe his medical history to be career ending. Bosh, however, believes he can still play.

Bosh and the Heat have reportedly reached an agreement where Bosh will be released from the team with no cap hit on the Heat's books. Bosh will be paid the rest of his salary while nothing will count against the Heat's salary cap. Via Sun-Sentinel:

The Heat had the right to apply to exclude Bosh's salary from their salary cap as soon as Feb. 9, the one-year anniversary from his last game played, but by working with the league, Bosh and the players' association were able to reach an agreement that did not run the risk of Bosh's salary-cap hit resurfacing on the team's books should he return to the NBA at a later date.

With this, Bosh will be able to return to the NBA at any time without taking a hit to Miami's cap space, but to return he'll have to provide medical evidence that he is physically able to return. The waiving of Bosh will also bring the Heat under the salary cap for the upcoming summer. 

Bosh has said before that he believes he can still play, but with both the Heat and NBA saying this is a career-ending injury, this could very well be the end of Bosh's career.

Hopefully that will not be the case and he'll find a way to get back on the court fully healthy, but if he can't then what a career it's been: Two rings, four straight NBA Finals appearances, 11 All-Star games, but shockingly only one All-NBA team.