Report: Iguodala almost left Warriors in free agency before last-minute call to team

Andre Iguodala may have a future as a sports agent when he retires. That's because the way he played out his contract negotiations earlier this summer with the Warriors was brilliant. 

The former Finals MVP was supposed to have an easy free agency period and re-sign with the Warriors. He wanted to get paid, but Golden State wasn't ready to pony up yet. Iguodala went out and explored the market. He had offers he liked from other teams, and toward the end his destination was going to be Houston. The Rockets left a strong impression with him and that was where he planned to sign if Golden State didn't raise its offer. The veteran decided to give the Warriors one more chance to bring him back, which they did.

via ESPN:

After an hour, both sides departed and a breakup appeared likely. Iguodala's camp proceeded to discuss their options. The Warriors' top reserve was inching closer to becoming a top reserve for the Rockets. But before Rosenthal was to call Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Antonio and Golden State to notify them of his client's decision, sources said Iguodala elected to make his final, most defining move yet: calling Golden State one more time.

On his way back to the airport, Myers received a call from Rosenthal, who wanted to see if there was a way to bridge that gap, but reaffirmed that Iguodala's asking price was concrete. Myers said he would contact Lacob, but couldn't make any promises.

Twenty minutes later, Myers called back.

"I got it," he said.

Initially, as Iguodala went through the process, it was hard to shake the feeling he was doing it to pressure the Warriors into giving him what he wanted. In some ways that was always his goal, because once Golden State raised its offer he did end up re-signing. However, it's clear that he was very close to leaving Golden State, which would have been a shock to see.

Iguodala is proof that just because a player is winning titles and playing a key role doesn't mean they won't consider leaving. He's never shown to be unhappy with the Warriors, but when it came down to the business of it all he chose to get his money and he won those negotiations. He would be a great agent. 

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