Report: Jazz agree to deal with point guard John Lucas III

The Jazz are focusing on a youth movement and being careful with their signings. But they still needed another point guard wth Trey Burke (we'll get to Mo Williams in a minute), so they've reportedly added John Lucas III. From ESPN: 

Lucas averaged five points and two assists per game last season in limited time with Toronto. His per-36 production is good, but his efficiency is poor (14.5 points per 36 minutes on 14.5 shots). 

Still, he'll do fine as a fill-in second or third guard. 

So ... about that other point guard? The Jazz traded Randy Foye in a sign-and-trade to Denver, and Williams has said he wants to be the starter under any and all circumstances. Basically at this point, they can go either way. Re-sign Williams (as long as it's on a short-term deal) and have him mentor Burke to become the starter. 

Or don't, and your backcourt struggles, which is fine because you're tanking. Either way, for all his warts, Lucas does the trick. 

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