Report: Jeff Teague to sign offer sheet with Bucks

After weeks of dancing around the question of Jeff Teague vs. Brandon Jennings, the Bucks reportedly have decided on an answer. Yahoo Sports reports Teague plans to sign a four-year, 32 million offer sheet with Milwaukee. 

The Bucks have been going back and forth talking about Teague vs. Jennings, along with the Atlanta Hawks, Teague's former team. There's a possibility that both players could be involved in a sign-and-trade for one another, between their former teams. 

Teague averaged 15 points, seven assists and two steals last season for the Hawks. He's considered the more consistent point guard between the two players coming off ther rookie deals, but Jennings is thought to have more upside. 

The Bucks don't seem to really know what they're doing right now. They lost J.J. Redick in free agency, getting only two second-round picks for him in a sign and trade after dealing Tobias Harris to Orlando for him. They're set to lose both Jenning and Monta Ellis, which is fine since they didn't go anywhere with that combo last season. But they also signed a bunch of veterans including Carlos Delfino and Zaza Pachulia, with no real plan it seems ahead of them. Adding Teague gives them a very good point guard, but not an elite one. 

The Bucks it seems, are content to stay in "not bad" territory, indefinitely. But if Teague develops, watch out. The Hawks will have three days from the time Teague signs the offer sheet to match it under the terms of restricted free agency. 

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