Doing his due diligence, Kevin Durant will be meeting with six teams at the start of free agency. But according to Durant's friends, those meetings are mainly perfunctory as the Thunder All-Star has basically already made up his mind and will remain in Oklahoma City.

From ESPN's Marc Spears:

"His decision is 90 percent made. It would take an amazing sales pitch to change it," said one of Durant's longtime friends.

Another Durant colleague said, "It's going to take some sweet-talking to get him to pass up all the money he can get by staying in OKC."

Durant's colleague is absolutely right. Durant can make more money if he re-signs with the Thunder, which is why it will be hard for other teams to convince him to leave Oklahoma City.

Plus the Thunder are already a championship contender. So Durant can make more money and play for a championship contender if he re-signs with the Thunder. A real win-win type of situation, which Durant's friends recognize.

Of course anything could happen during Durant's meetings with the Spurs, Warriors, Heat, Celtics and Clippers to change his mind.

Kevin Durant's friends believe he will stay in Oklahoma City. (USATSI)