Report: Kings will pass on Drummond if he falls to No. 5

Andre Drummond is a draft lottery mystery. (US Presswire)
Andre Drummond is a bit of an enigma. You ask around about him, and the questions about his ability and mental effort are substantial. But welcome the world of the NBA draft, where if you measure out tall and have any skill whatsoever (or in the case of Hasheem Thabeet, almost none at all), you too can go in the top five of the NBA draft. 

Drummond has all the potential in the world. In the right place with the right coach, he can be a phenomenal player. If his worse instincts get ahold of him... that's not so good. There's a chance he could go as high as No.3. There's a chance he could fall out of the top ten. That's how wide his range is. 

But one place he reportedly won't be going is to Sacramento with the No. 5 pick. From Cowbell's James Ham:

That's an interesting development. The Blazers at No. 6 have two picks and are rumored in talks to trade. Would they take Drummond if they keep the pick there? They need a center, but that's a pretty risky proposition. Then it's the Warriors who have Andrew Bogut and will either draft or trade for a small forward by multiple reports. Then it's the Raptors who add Jonas Valanciunas next year, and have Andrea Bargnani. The Pistons are next and coul put him next to Greg Monroe, but that seems like a weird fit. Then the Hornets who already have Okafor, and the Blazers again...

Someone in there will decide to take the gamble on Drummond. He could go higher than No. 5. 

But it's good that the Kings are passing. They have a mercurial big man in DeMarcus Cousins. There are bigs available they can pair with him, but they honestly need a small forward a lot more. The Kings work out Daimian Lillard Wednesday, who makes little sense for them with their over-abundance of guards. 

But the Kings have a plan. And it isn't Drummond, apparently.
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